Young & Restless Recap: Adam Kisses Sally as Nick Defends Her to Victor

Tucker arrives at Crimson Lights and calls Devon to let him know he just got there. Diane walks up and Tucker smirks, “I thought you’d be long gone by now.” Diane’s not going anywhere. He asks if she’s not concerned about Jeremy Stark tracking her down. Diane insists she didn’t turn him in. She adds that Jack and Kyle have vowed to stand by her. Tucker says if that’s the case, they have no idea what they’re in for. Diane settles in and explains that Jack and Kyle have promised to protect her if it comes to that. Tucker says they’re fools. Diane accuses him of hiding behind the ladies and using them to try and run her out of town because she didn’t give him the Jabot financials. Tucker says she lied to him — she never had any intention of upholding her end of the deal so… “Consequences.” Diane calls him a toddler and warns she won’t give in and run. Tucker asks, “Even if it means putting those people you claim to love at serious risk?”

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley flips out over Phyllis contacting Stark before discussing it with them. Phyllis is getting the feeling they’ve an aversion to risk. They protest that they’ve interacted with Tucker and Deacon. Phyllis snarks that they’re their exes. Ashley hollers that Stark is an unknown commodity and she made a stupid mistake. Nikki asks what she told him. Phyllis told him that Diane made a deal with the Feds to get him arrested. Ashley and Nikki learn that Stark was really kind and used words like “rehabilitation.” Nikki muses, “In case it was a set-up.” Phyllis agrees. She goes on to say he then asked about his old pal Diane Jenkins and wanted to know how she was and where she was Phyllis grits, “I told him where that bitch was. I told him that she was right here in Genoa City.” Ashley and Nikki look alarmed. Phyllis notes they don’t seem happy. Ashley explains they’re having serious doubts that this was the right road to take. Phyllis points out it’s a little late for that.
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Nick knocks on Sally’s suite door and hollers, “Open up, it’s me!” She’s not there so he walks away.

Adam finds Sally working at Society and asks how her lunch went with Nick. Sally tells him it was terrific, thank you. Adam asks if she’s okay. She says she’s fine; she’s busy making exploratory calls and setting her life on a new trajectory. Sally sighs and then admits that of course she’s not fine — she’s the opposite of fine. Adam’s sure he deserved that little outburst, whatever brought it on. Sally exclaims that he is the cause and complains about him torturing her. She accuses him of messing with her head. Adam had to say what he felt; he had to propose. Sally rants that everything he said keeps bouncing around inside her skull and she can’t shake the way that it made her feel. “I can’t shake the way you make me feel.” Adam smiles. He was right that they should be together.
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At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis reminds Ashley and Nikki the great lengths they’ve gone to, to get Diane out of town. She hollers that nothing has worked; she’s still there! Phyllis tells Ashley she’s manipulated every member of her family except her. She doesn’t even know who Jack is anymore! Diane now thinks she has supporters and there’s nothing they can do to get her bags packed. Nikki worries there may not be. Phyllis tells her to bite her tongue. She complains that Diane is controlling the narrative. Nikki agrees; they hate it too but it’s extreme to send a convicted felon after her. Phyllis hollers that they need to blast that bitch off her perch. “Blast her off!” They’ll find out soon enough if it’s going to work because her guess is that he’s on his way to Genoa City to confront Diane about her past.
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At Crimson Lights, Tucker thinks Diane should have worked harder to get him what he asked for. Diane asks if he really wants her to be hurt. Tucker says he, and Ashley too, just want her to relocate. Frankly, she’s selfish if she doesn’t, considering how dangerous Stark is. Diane informs Tucker that whatever happens is on him, and she won’t let him scare her away by proxy. Tucker admires her confidence, even if it’s misplaced. Diane suggests he get over himself and realize she’s becoming a fixture in Abbott’s world — she could be his ally. Tucker smirks that she’ll never convince Ashley to accept her; she’ll just drive a wedge between her and Jack. Diane guesses he wants to separate Ashley from her family so he can be her port in a storm. Tucker grins, “There’s that devious mind we all know and love.” Devon arrives and asks if Tucker’s ready to go and meet his grandson. Diane snarks, “What a precious gift to be able to spend time with your grandchild.” The men leave and Diane texts Jack to ask if they’re still on for dinner. He texts back to meet at his house.
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At Society, Sally tells Adam she’s trying to resurrect her career and needs to be free of this. Adam knows he’s complicated things; that wasn’t the goal. He hoped the proposal would cut through the noise. He wants to talk more about it but doesn’t think it’s a conversation they should have there. Sally agrees. “Let’s do this.”

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Sally and Adam enter her suite and he says he just wants to talk. She marvels that it seems so hard; he was always the person she found it easiest to talk to. Adam says he’s still that person. Sally tells Adam that when he was saying those things the other day, she could tell he really meant them and that she really mattered to him. Adam feels they’re close to getting back everything they had. “And more.”
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Nick meets Victor at Society and gives him a business report. Nick checks his phone and complains about a late delivery. Victor thinks he seems off his game and wonders if it has to do with that Spectra woman. Nick finds it insulting for his father to refer to her that way. Victor knows that he and his brother are involved in a triangle relationship with that woman. “No good.” Nick doesn’t want to discuss it but Victor persists. He expects more from Nick than competing with his brother over Sally Spectra. “Don’t you understand that this is very bad for your personal lift, for your family life, for you to be involved in a triangular relationship?” He thinks she’s driving a wedge between the brothers to further her own ambitions. Victor says he’s doing a great job at Newman. Nick asks what that has to do with his personal life. Victor retorts, “It has everything to do with it!”

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Nick argues that Sally has all kinds of qualities that Victor admires, so he doesn’t understand his animosity towards her. “The way you speak about her it’s as if she is beneath me.” Victor says he had his people investigate Sally’s life in Los Angeles and he has a dossier on her. Nick finds this absolutely outrageous. Victor tells him about Sally feigning a terminal illness and blackmailing a doctor to dupe a man who had lost interest in her. Nick argues that she’s worked hard to make changes in her life. He offered her seed money for her next venture, and she turned him down flat. Victor intones, “Son… you’re really involved with her, aren’t you?”

At Devon’s place, he comes down the stairs with Dom and introduces him to a chuffed Tucker, who says the boy is beautiful. “Dominic, this is your grandfather. This is Tucker.” Tucker tells Devon he looks just like him; it makes him wish he’d known him as a child.
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They play with Dom on the floor and Tucker raves about the boy’s advanced skills. Devon lists off all of the things he likes, such as music. Tucker marvels that Katherine would have been over the moon about her great-grandson. He’s blown away by the way he, Chance, and Abby have teamed together to raise him. “It seems like you and Abby are closer.” Devon shifts uncomfortably and says they’re really close. Tucker thought he noticed something. He asks if Devon is happy these days and whether he’s in love.
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At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis tells Nikki and Ashley that Diane drove her to this. Nikki asks what makes her think Diane will fold this time. Ashley worries, “What if it backfires?!?” She points out he could find out he’s been used by them. Nikki will have Victor increase the security for the family. Phyllis thinks they’re overreacting. The doorbell goes and Ashley opens it to Diane, who says they need to talk. Diane spots Phyllis and Nikki and snarks that the whole coven is there. “All you care about is your petty desire to screw things up for me.” Phyllis purrs, “Oh, Diane. You are so wrong. There is nothing petty about our desire to see you pay for what you’ve done to us.”

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Diane rants about them acting so superior when they’ve done so much to hurt so many people. She informs them that their scheming hasn’t worked; in fact the bonds she’s forged are only stronger. Ashley barks, “Why are you here?” Nikki imagines she’s using Harrison as an excuse to throw herself at Jack. Diane informs them Jack invited her to dinner and she’s there to wait for him. Nikki and Ashley walk out. Phyllis smiles at Diane, “Enjoy yourself,” and then walks out too.
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In Sally’s suite, she tells Adam, “I still feel a connection with you… and love. How could I not?” He believed in her, saw the best and worst in her, and loved her just the same. That’s why the way he hurt her was so awful… and hard to forgive. Adam knows and he wishes he could undo it all, but he can’t. All he can do is tell her he was an idiot and apologize. “Sally, we are so close. I know that we can finally get it right. I know it.”

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At Society, Nick won’t try to change Victor’s mind about Sally, but he will say that Adam doesn’t deserve her. “If anything, Adam will be the one to bring down Sally, not the other way around.” Victor thinks Sally Spectra is nothing but a symptom of the rivalry between Nick and his brother. “She’ll be gone one day and forgotten. What remains is a poison relationship between you and Adam. I’m warning you, if you choose that woman over family you will live to regret it. I promise you.”

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In Sally’s suite, Adam moves in close to talk about what they had and could still have. “When I asked you to marry me, I meant it. I want you, Sally. Only you.” Sally says, “I want you too.” They kiss. Adam pulls back, looks at her, and then starts kissing her again.
Sally Adam kiss Y&R

At Devon’s place, Tucker asks about Amanda. Devon says it’s a long story and he needs to feed Dom. Tucker tells the kid, “I’m going to be there for you. Whatever you need, whenever you need it. Just like I wish I had been for your dad.” Dom smiles.

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At the Abbott house, Diane is fixing her hair when the doorbell rings. She walks over and stops short. Diane then opens the door to Jeremy Stark, who says, “Hello, Diane. Miss me?”

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