WWE Monday Night RAW Results August 29, 2022: Winners, Recap, Grades & Highlights

WWE RAW kicked off with a promo video before we headed for the first match of the night between Judgment Day and the team of AJ Styles & Dolph Ziggler.

WWE RAW Results (August 29, 2022): AJ Styles & Dolph Ziggler vs. The Judgment Day

Ziggler and Balor kicked off the match and tags were made early on with Priest and Balor in control of the match. Styles came in with a dropkick, sending Priest out of the ring and hitting a big dive.

Back after a break on RAW, Balor tried to hit the Styles Clash before AJ came in with a forearm and locked in the calf crusher on Priest. Balor helped Priest reach the ropes to break the hold before Ziggler wiped him out at ringside.

Priest tried for the Reckoning but took a kick from AJ before Ziggler tagged in and hit a superkick. While the referee was distracted by Styles, Damian came in with the South of Heaven on Ziggler for the win.

Result: The Judgment Day def. AJ Styles & Dolph Ziggler

Grade: B

We saw footage of Edge entering the arena and the crowd chanted for him before Ripley and the Judgment Day returned to the ring to call out the Hall of Famer. Balor said that he was sick of the WWE legends like Edge and how they get documentaries made about them even after losing matches.

Edge came out and took shots at The Judgment Day, saying that Balor needed to get on his level while predicting that he would beat Priest on Saturday at Clash at the Castle. Edge was a distraction while The Mysterios attacked the Judgment Day with Kendo Sticks.

Ripley and Dominik came face-to-face but the latter refused to attack. Ripley took away the kendo stick but then retreated with her team before RAW continued. The two teams will face off at Clash at the Castle.

Alexa Bliss, Asuka, & Bianca Belair vs. Dani Mo, Katie Arquette, & Kayla Sparks on RAW

Belair started off strong and hit a dropkick in the ring early on. Bliss and Asuka tagged in for double dropkicks as well as the rest of the team before Belair started showing off with the stalling suplex.

Asuka tagged in and hit a German Suplex before Bliss cleared the ring and Belair came in with the KOD. Asuka was back in and got another suplex before locking in the Asuka Lock for the win.

Result: Alexa Bliss, Asuka, & Bianca Belair def. Dani Mo, Katie Arquette, & Kayla Sparks

After the match, Belair, Asuka, and Bliss called out Control and taunted them ahead of their match on Saturday at Clash at the Castle.

Grade: C

Kurt Angle was out next since RAW was in his hometown this week and hyped the upcoming Clash at the Castle event. The Alpha Academy came out followed by the Street Profits.

Chad Gable said that he respected Kurt Angle and invited him to join the Alpha Academy. Angle refused the offer and tossed the t-shirt before Gable started shooing him. Angle and Gable shooed each other for a minute or two before the latter ordered Otis to attack.

The Street Profits stepped in to defend Angle and the two teams headed for a match.

Alpha Academy vs. The Street Profits on RAW

Ford and Otis kicked off the match and the latter hit a huge slam to start us off. Dawkins came in and sent Otis outside before taking out both him and Gable with a dive.

Ford was back in and Otis ran a distraction, allowing Gable to hit a big suplex. Dawkins came in with the silencer and got a near fall on Gable before Ford was isolated in the ring. Ford recovered and tried to get an Ankle Lock but Otis broke the hold.

Otis was distracted by Angle and was mouthing off before Dawkins took him out. Gable was taken down in the ring before Ford came in with the splash and picked up the win.

Result: The Street Profits def. Alpha Academy

After the match, Ford and Dawkins celebrated with Angle and shared a drink. Angle spat the drink out and regained his composure before bringing out some milk and chugging it with the Profits.

Grade: B

Riddle and Seth Rollins were seen fighting in the arena before the show and during an interview on RAW, Rollins claimed that Riddle was not on his level. Riddle said that he was scared of being embarrassed by him before he and Rollins hyped their upcoming match next Saturday at Clash at the Castle.

Riddle also got his first name back during the segment as Corey Graves referred to him as Matt Riddle.

The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley on RAW

The Miz charged at Lashley right off the bat before being tossed around and hit with a stalling vertical suplex. Miz was sent out of the ring and Lashley knocked him down with a clothesline before we headed for a break on RAW.

Back on RAW, an assist from Ciampa allowed Miz to bounce Lashley’s head off the announce desk before sending him into the steel steps. Miz got a near fall off a big boot before Lashley countered a dive and spiked him on the mat.

Lashley hit some hip tosses before Miz dodged the powerslam. Lashley tried for the spear but Ciampa dragged Miz out of the ring in time.

Lashley was down in the ring after a cheap shot and The Miz tried to get the finisher but stopped when he spotted Dexter Lumis in the crowd. The distraction allowed Lashley to lock in the Hurt Lock and get the win.

Result: Bobby Lashley def. The Miz

Grade: B+

Edge showed Kurt Angle some pictures of the old days but written behind them were secret messages like ‘you still s*ck’. The Mysterios were seen talking about their upcoming match before heading for a break on RAW.

The Usos were out next with Sami Zayn before claiming that Roman was going to win at Clash at the Castle and The Bloodline will still be running both brands. Kevin Owens came out and said that the Bloodline have no power on RAW and that Reigns still owes him one.

The Usos asked Sami to take care of his ‘boy’ and Zayn said that Roman didn’t owe anyone anything. Owens said that Sami was making a fool of himself by being a clown for the Bloodline and that he was sad to see it.

Sami tried to explain that he was really friends with the Bloodline and the trio threatened Owens before the latter walked up to the ring. Owens talked himself into a match with Jey Uso before we headed for another break on RAW.

Kevin Owens vs. Jey Uso on RAW

The match went outside early on and Jey was sent into the steel steps before we headed back to the ring. Owens was sent into the corner and Usos unloaded on him with kicks but missed the splash.

Owens set him up and hit the cannonball before Jimmy ran a distraction, allowing Jey to counter a powerbomb on the outside. Jey hit a superkick before dropping KO on the steel steps with a Samoan Drop.

Owens got a top rope move in the ring before getting a near fall off a Swanton bomb. Jey blocked a stunner and KO blocked a superkick but caught the second one before Jey got a near fall off the splash.

Jimmy showed up on the apron and Owens hit superkicks on both Usos before getting a near fall off a frog splash. Zayn ran a distraction before Jey came in with a dive to the outside.

The ref was distracted and Sami was about to hit Owens with a steel chair but failed to do so. Jimmy was furious, while Owens hit the stunner in the ring and picked up the win.

Result: Kevin Owens def. Jey Uso

Grade: B+

Control was backstage and said that they were about to take over all of WWE after winning the tag titles.

The Miz was seen fleeing the arena in his car but Dexter Lumis showed up in the back seat as the vehicle pulled away.

Johnny Gargano was backstage and said that he was looking forward to his in-ring return. Theory came in and said that Gargano was jealous of his quick rise in WWE and

Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai vs. Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah – Women’s Tag Team Title Tournament Final on RAW

Iyo and Aliyah kicked off the match and Raquel came in early to get a near fall off a takedown. Outside the ring, Kai drove Aliyah into the steel steps before kicking Raquel into it as well.

Rodriguez barely beat the referee’s count before we headed for another break on RAW. Back to the match, Sky countered a powerbomb and got a near fall before a distraction from Bayley let Iyo get a double stomp and a moonsault for a near fall.

Aliyah snuck in a tag and immediately fell outside while Kai tried to roll up Raquel in the ring but she rushed back to the ring and rolled up Kai for the win!

Result: Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah def. Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai to become the new Women’s Tag Team Champions!

Grade: A

Episode rating: A

The RAW before Clash at the Castle saw the return of WWE legend Kurt Angle while Riddle and Rollins had another tense confrontation. We saw the finals of the women’s tag title tournament while Dexter Lumis continued to mess with The Miz.

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