The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Fall Apart During Moon Trine Saturn On August 30, 2022

If there’s one single reason why our relationships begin to fall apart today, August 30, during the Moon trine Saturn, it’s because we don’t want to grow up.

Yes, it’s that simple. Moon trine Saturn is all about maturity and taking responsibility. Many of us know this is an inevitable challenge in our lives and that eventually, we will be the grown-ups that we’re destined to become, and yet, some of us don’t want to know that growing up is part of the plan.

This interferes with growth in a romance, and relationships really do need to go somewhere, especially if the starting point is immaturity.

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And so, during Moon trine Saturn, we will either get on board with the idea that we need to take this relationship stuff seriously, or, we back off and let our immaturity take the reins, knowing that if we do so, we will watch the destruction of our romantic lives takes place.

And for some zodiac signs, the fear of growing up is so big that we forfeit our chances of having a romance that actually works out.

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Some relationships are simply not meant to be, and transits like Moon trine Saturn play on that theme. If you feel pressure when your lover asks you to commit, then you might end up sending them bad signals even if you really do love them.


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