The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Falls Apart During The Moon Square Saturn On December 5, 2022

On December 5, 2022, three zodiac signs have their love life fall apart during the Moon square Saturn.

We all know it to be true. As the year wraps up, we get to think about the things in our lives. Do we wish to walk into the new year associated with these things, or are we at the point where we are ready to let them go?

Are these things habits, or poor choices, or, are they people? Are we still on board with the idea of ​​staying with the person we are present with, or are we secretly harboring thoughts that border on resentment and/or regret?

These are harsh times and because of planetary transits like Moon square Saturn, the harshness will revolve around the choices we make for our romantic relationships.

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For some, this day will mean the beginning of the end. Not all romances are made to last forever, and while we never want to be the one who finds this out the hard way, today might very well be that day.

Still in all, if we are the ones who will experience the end of our romance, then so be it. We had to know that, on some level, this was coming. Transit Moon square Saturn will let us know, just in case, we don’t catch on.


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