The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Friends Ignore Them During The Moon Sextile Pluto On September 10, 2022

Whenever we have our Moon sextile, Pluto, we can expect things to go awry, and the trouble is, we have this transit more often than not.

Today, September 10, 2022, brings us yet another opportunity to feel the wrath of Pluto, and it will take the form of us shouting for attention, only to be ignored by friends and family.

Today, we are invisible, we’re just not superheroes.

While it sounds cool to don the cloak of invisibility, in reality, we’re just being ignored, and that leads to feelings of isolation.

Maybe Pluto is just tired of us wondering if it’s a planet or not. It really doesn’t matter what ‘we’ think, as we are still only the mere mortals who experience the quantum force that comes down from these enormous celestial bodies.

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Today lets us know that the universe is not playing around and that Pluto is no joke. This planet is a mean, bluish-green machine that is hellbent on wreaking havoc in our lives, even if it just ends up with us being ignored and shut out of everything we want to be a part of.


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