The 3 Zodiac Signs Who See Heartbreak During The Full Moon In Pisces Starting September 10, 2022

On September 10, 2022, during the Full Moon in Pisces, three zodiac signs will experience heartache.

Being human is hard; and when love is the topic, it’s easy to see and feel how something like this is all the more difficult. Love isn’t an easy game to play, and it is somewhat of a game, after all. Love consists of attachment and detachment.

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When we are in love, we are attached to the person; we count on them, and we even look to them for our happiness. The minute we sign on for a love affair, we unconsciously sign on for its ending.

That isn’t a negative point of view; that’s reality because even if the love affair lasts a lifetime, that’s the whole point — you get a lifetime, and then one of you has to leave the other.

And that’s the ‘best case scenario.’

Being that love makes the human experience a rich and wonderful one, we take the chance anyway.

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