Targeting Iran, US tightens Iraq’s dollar flow, causing pain

BAGHDAD (AP) — For months, the United States has restricted Iraq’s access to its own dollars, trying to stamp out what Iraqi officials describe as rampant money laundering that benefits Iran and Syria. Iraq is now feeling the crunch, with a drop in the value of its currency and public anger blowing back against the … Read more

There’s still too much risk in stock and bond markets. Earn this easy 4.5% return while you wait for stability, says trader who hit 2 big calls in 2022.

Ahead of major tech earnings, Meta results are ready to light up the Nasdaq Composite COMP, +2.00% for Thursday. The S&P 500 SPX, +1.05% is also pointing to gains as investors take a glass-half full view of the Fed meeting. Worried that investors are in the clutches of another Fed misread is the founder of … Read more

Michael Burry says sell and Jim Cramer says buy. As the Fed meets, here’s how they both could be wrong on stocks.

Michael Burry, the hedge-fund manager at Scion Asset Management who correctly forecast the 2008 financial crisis, on Tuesday night sent out a one-word tweet: “Sell.” Burry didn’t elaborate, but it’s not hard to fill in the blanks. Assets like bitcoin and ARK Innovation ETF surged in January, in a seeming dash for trash on the … Read more

The Fed and the stock market are set for a showdown this week. What’s at stake.

Let’s get ready to rumble. The Federal Reserve and investors appear to be locked in what one veteran market watcher has described as an epic game of “chicken.” What Fed Chair Jerome Powell said Wednesday could determine the winner. Here’s the conflict. Fed policy makers have steadily insisted that the fed-funds rate, now at 4.25% … Read more

‘We just want this to be settled’: My sister-in-law emptied my late mother-in-law’s home. How do we stop our family from pillaging her estate?

Dear Quentin, My mother-in-law passed away almost two years ago, and her house has remained empty since then. Immediately after she passed, one sister-in-law came over, and took the entire contents of the house, against the instructions laid out in the will. She did not allow my other sister-in-law or niece to take anything. The … Read more

‘This has bugged me all my life’: My estranged father gave me $1,000 a month to buy a house in California. My brother cried foul, and told me to stop. Who’s right?

This has bugged me all my life. My father left my family when I was 7. I’m not sure how much in child support he paid my mother. Soon after I graduated college, he visited me for the first time since he left the family. He told me that he wanted to send me money … Read more

Goldman Sachs signals partial retreat from consumer banking

NEW YORK (AP) — Goldman Sachs no longer wants to be the bank for everyone. The storied investment bank spent eight years trying to expand its business beyond corporations and the wealthy. But in recent months, Goldman has signaled a partial retreat from those efforts by scrapping plans for a checking account broadly available to … Read more

US Treasurys at ‘critical point’: Stocks, bonds correlation shifts as fixed-income market flashes recession warning

Bonds and stocks may be getting back to their usual relationship, a plus for investors with a traditional mix of assets in their portfolios amid fears that the US faces a recession this year. “The bottom line is the correlation now has shifted back to a more traditional one, where stocks and bonds do not … Read more

‘Overbought and overpriced’: This investor sees a bubble popping for one popular group of stocks.

Investors wouldn’t be blamed for sizing up the first losing week in three for the S&P 500 and decided to start the weekend early. And stock futures are just barely positive. Who can blame them after the mixed bag of data this week that has reignited worries in some corners about whether the Fed could … Read more

The 1980s was the blueprint for the upcoming disinflation cycle and these are the stocks for it, strategists say

Stocks are off to a third-straight losing session as investors weigh up a fresh batch of data. That follows Wednesday’s session and extremely weak industrial production that sparked fears the economy is losing steam, as the Fed pushes on with interest rate hikes. Or as CNBC commentator Ron Insana put it: On that front, our … Read more