‘Cold War mentality’: China’s Xi denounces ‘abuse of sanctions’ | Russia-Ukraine war News

Chinese President Xi Jinping said the world should oppose unilateral sanctions and efforts by some countries to maintain their political and military power – a veiled shot at the United States and its allies over opposition to the war in Ukraine. Xi’s remarks on Thursday at the virtual meeting of the leaders of Brazil, Russia, … Read more

Brazil police find boat of slain British journalist Dom Phillips, five more arrested

Brazilian officials found a boat used by slain British journalist Dom Phillips and local indigenous expert Bruno Pereira as cops made five more arrests in the case. The speedboat, which was found on Sunday, was used by the two men to travel through the Amazon rainforest before their disappearance, police said. It was discovered submerged … Read more

Brazil Indigenous expert was ‘bigger target’ in recent years

SAO PAULO (AP) – Before disappearing in Brazil’s Amazon rainforestBruno Pereira was laying the groundwork for a mammoth undertaking: a 350-kilometer (217-mile) trail marking the southwestern border of the Javari Valley Indigenous territory, an area the size of Portugal. The purpose of the trail is to prevent cattle farmers from encroaching on Javari territory – … Read more

Brazil police: Items owned by missing men found in Amazon

ATALAIA DO NORTE, Brazil – Search teams found a backpack, laptop and other personal items that belonged to Indigenous expert Bruno Pereira and freelance British journalist Dom Phillips, who went missing in a remote area of ​​Brazil’s Amazon a week ago, Federal Police said Sunday night. Phillips’ backpack was discovered Sunday afternoon tied to a … Read more

Pair’s disappearance in Brazil’s Amazon tied to ‘fish mafia’

ATALAIA DO NORTE, Brazil (AP)-A main line of police investigation into the disappearance of a British journalist and an Indigenous official in the Amazon points to an international network that pays poor fishermen to fish illegally in Brazil’s second-largest Indigenous territory, authorities said. Freelance journalist Dom Phillips and Indigenous official Bruno Pereira were last seen … Read more

‘Human’ remains found in search for British journalist Dom Phillips, Brazilian expert Bruno Pereira

Brazil search teams found possible human remains in their hunt for a British journalist and indigenous expert as the suspect’s family professed his innocence in the case. Dom Phillips, who was a regular contributor to the Guardian and Washington Post, and Bruno Pereira were last seen Sunday in the Sao Rafael region of the Amazon … Read more

Police tortured suspect in Amazon disappearance, family says

ATALAIA DO NORTE, Brazil (AP) – Family members of the sole person to be arrested in the disappearance of a British journalist and Indigenous official in the Amazon said Friday that he was innocent and alleged that police were torturing him to try to force a confession . Freelance journalist Dom Phillips and Indigenous official … Read more

Search for missing British journalist Dom Phillips, Bruno Pereira intensifies

Brazil officials are investigating traces of blood found in the ongoing search for British journalist and an indigenous expert as Hollywood celebrities, sports stars, and lawmakers issue urgent calls for action to find the men. Dom Phillips, who was a regular contributor to the Guardian and Washington Post, and Bruno Pereira were last seen Sunday … Read more

Immersed in crisis, Peru neglects Amazon’s destruction

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) – Peru has descended into one of the worst political crises in its history and protection of its Amazon rainforest is failing, according to a report published Thursday. Peru is home to the second-largest portion of the Amazon rainforest after Brazil. The country had pledged to stop deforestation by 2021. The … Read more

Why Argentina and Brazil look like title contenders for World Cup in Qatar

Twenty years have passed since South America last won a World Cup. The evidence from the continent’s recent set of qualifiers is that Brazil and Argentina are shaping up to be strong contenders in Qatar, and this impression has been emphatically confirmed by their first warm-up meetings with opponents from other regions. Argentina’s Finalissima encounter … Read more