Pat McAfree calls out Bill Cowher, Joe Thomas over Jeff Saturday bashing

1. In Friday’s Traina Thoughts, I called Joe Thomas’s lecture on Jeff Saturday’s hiring as Colts interim head coach, via Good Morning Football“over the top.”

Based on Twitter feedback, many people agreed with my take, while many others thought I was out of line, and there was nothing wrong with Thomas’s opinion.

I can’t wait to see how those people react to seeing what Pat McAfee had to say about Thomas and Bill Cowher, who went off on the Saturday hire on CBS’s pregame show Sunday.

Now, obviously, McAfee has a dog in this fight. He was a longtime Colts player, a teammate of Saturday and has a relationship with owner Jim Irsay. However, you can’t accuse McAfee of sugarcoating his feelings or holding back. On his Monday show, McAfee unloaded.


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