He’s a freight train in shoulder pads

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Sleep went better, food tasted better, the sun was brighter, and the November air smelled fresher. Now rinse and repeat please. GPG.

A credit to those coaches and players, the Packers stared down adversity and said, “No. Not this time.” The Pack is back in the win column. Good morning!

Michelle from Ringgold, GA

What does the Packers’ OT win over Dallas mean?

It means they dig down deep to earn a gritty win – and grit grows if you water it. But now it’s Tuesday…which is really more like a Friday…which means it’s almost Sunday…which is on Thursday this week. Everyone can rest on Saturday…which is still on Saturday. Anyway, there’s still more winning left to be done.

Nathan from Salt Lake City, UT

On Sunday, for the first time, Aaron Rodgers looked like Aaron Rodgers. Do you think he can replicate that enough to take us to the playoffs?

Aaron Rodgers turns 39 in a few weeks. At some point, I would imagine people will stop writing him off…or they won’t. Either way, the answer to your question is a resounding yes. Matt LaFleur said it himself that Sunday was Rodgers’ best game of the year.

Reardon from La Crosse, WI

Insiders, some prognosticators have been questioning Aaron Rodgers’ will to win instead of the Packers’ losing streak. I say they should take a look at the block he put on Donavan Wilson in OT which allowed Aaron Jones to get a few extra critical yards and tell me if A-Rod has lost his competitive mojo. I am eager to read your thoughts.

Again, I think that narrative is ridiculous. Nobody wants it more than Aaron Rodgers. Ever.

Jim from St. Pete Beach, FL

Hi Wes! I was watching the game at a bar in NYC, and on the overtime drive I couldn’t help screaming out “that’s a freaking AWESOME block by Rodgers” (except I didn’t say freaking). What went through your mind when you saw that live?

It was great seeing AR under center more often than not. It sure seemed to open up play-action after establishing the run game. Hope it continues!

I’m sure it’ll be a topic of conversation again this afternoon during his locker-room availability. Hopefully, Rodgers’ thumb continues to improve and increased snaps under center becomes even more viable. As good as the Packers are running out of the shotgun, everything seemed more in sync with the offense back in more traditional sets. It makes weekly game plans less predictable, too.

Insiders, I sat about 50 feet from the Titans’ bench when they played the Chiefs last Sunday night. Derrick Henry is a beast! DBs were making a business decision to conveniently fall near him rather than taking him head-on. I don’t blame them. I cannot compare him to anyone else. Can you?

He’s a freight train in shoulder pads. Or as Joe Barry put it on Monday, Henry “looks like Preston Smith when he breaks the huddle.” Defenses must have a tackling plan because Henry is just too much human to be taken down with solo tackles. All hats to the ball for 60 minutes.

Mike, Wes, God, whoever: What do the Packers need to do on offense this Thursday to get on a winning streak? I think we all know the answer on defense.

Run the ball well against a formidable front and create third-and-manageable situations. Tennessee’s defense is quite the riddle. It’s second against the run (85.1 yards per game) and tops in third-down defense (27.9%) but 31st vs. the pass (272.6 ypg) and last in fourth-down defense (82.4%). I think Sunday showed how a steady run presence can set up the passing game for explosive opportunities. The Packers need to continue to beat that offensive drum.

Did you have a favorite play of the game? Mine was the block Aaron Rodgers threw on Donovan Wilson. That was awesome!

Christian Watson’s first touchdown catch, which was the Packers’ longest offensive play of the season. I just feel like an explosive play like that can go far for an offense, let alone being a tremendous confidence boost for a rookie receiver. We only had a handful of opportunities to watch Watson during camp due to injuries, but he was must-see football every day he was on the field – as you saw that on Sunday.

Rob from Panama City Beach, FL

Well, well, well run the ball effectively and stop the run. Mix in a couple of huge plays, two turnovers and bring on the Titans on a cold winter’s night!

That plan worked pretty doggone well 23 months ago at Lambeau. Just ask AJ Dillon.

Good morning, Wes. Could it be a good thing to play the next game on a short week? I tend to think it could be a benefit to keep the momentum moving forward.

I don’t think there’s ever a good reason to play on a short week, but I certainly like the outlook better for the Packers now coming off an uplifting win of that magnitude.

Christopher from Frederick, MD

I just want to thank big Matt LaFleur for sticking to the gameplan of running the ball, even when down by 14, in the fourth. That, to me, was the reason Green Bay won the game, even more so than Christian Watson and Rudy Ford stepping up.

The Packers looked like themselves again. Allen Lazard even said after the game that his quick slant in overtime probably doesn’t work if the Packers don’t run the ball as well as they did in regulation. Things looked how they’re supposed to look.

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