Everything Philadelphia Eagles coach Nick Sirianni said after losing to the Dallas Cowboys

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni watches during the second half Saturday's game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni watches during the second half Saturday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.


Everything the Philadelphia Eagles coach Nick Sirianni said after losing to the Dallas Cowboys 40-34 at AT&T Stadium on Saturday. All quotes are courtesy of the Philadelphia and Dallas media relations departments.

Eagles coach Nick Sirianni

On if he feels it’s a missed opportunity to put a bow on the season by giving up ten and seven point leads early in the third quarter and the middle of the fourth (by turning the ball over).

Yeah, as far as the turnovers, we can’t give a good team like that the ball four times and expect to win the game. It put the defense in a tough spot. So [I’m] disappointed in the turnovers, disappointed in some of the things we’ve got to do better coaching. Disappointed in some of the third down conversions by Dallas, but credit to them. Part of that is that they’re making plays, too, and they’re forcing it. That’s a good football team but we can’t help a good football team beat us by giving the ball away.

On having a chance to do the same thing next week that they had a chance to do this week (win home field) with at least one report saying the quarterback’s going to be the same. Does he see this as something they can build upon eight days from now?

Yeah, we’ll correct all the mistakes we made in this game because we made plenty of them. Playing, coaching, we made plenty of mistakes that we’ll learn from. That’s what I love about this team is that we’ll learn from our mistakes, and we’ll just crave to get better. So, we’ll get better from that, we’ll see what happens as far as everything. I thought Gardner played a good game. On the first interception, I thought it was a really good play by 27 (Jayron Kearse). Hats off to him, he’s a good player. The second one, the ball was in both of their hands and the guy came away with it, so Gardner played a really good game. But, like I said, we’ll go from here. We’ll see what happens. Like I said, with Jalen, never put anything past him. We thought he even had a chance to play this week and we’ll see next week, but we’ll take that one day at a time and we’ll see, and we’ll get better from this game.

On what the issue was on the 3rd-and-30 conversion.

We didn’t make a play and the guy did. It’s really as simple as that. TY Hilton made a really nice catch. Dak made a really nice throw, and we didn’t make the play. They did and we didn’t.

On if this outcome will affect whether Jalen plays next week.

If Jalen’s ready to go, Jalen will play. He’s our starting quarterback. If he’s ready to go, then he’ll go. Again, like I said, that’s nothing against Gardner because I thought he played a really good game, but if Jalen’s ready, he’ll go.

On the team’s still controlling its own destiny.

You know, you don’t think about that yet. We’ve got to take these lumps that they gave us and that we created ourselves, and then sit on them for a little bit. Because when you sit on them for a little bit, and you identify what happened and what went wrong, that’s how you get better. And that’s all we crave to do is just better. We’ll think about the Saints after we fix the problem with this game, because I know the Saints are a good team, but we’ve got to fix the problems with this game. There’s a process, there’s steps, after you lose a game, after you win a game. The steps are: get in there, watch the tape, figure it out, what went wrong, coaching playing, fix it, and then move on. So that’s what we’ll do. We’ll have to stick with this a little bit. The main goal is we’ll get better from it.

On losing Avonte Maddox.

Yeah, Avonte’s a really good player. We’ll see what’s going on with him. Again, good offense. Kellen Moore, good offensive coordinator. Coach McCarthy, good offensive mind. That was a good offense, and any time you’re without one of your players, of course it’s going to affect you a little bit, but we have a lot of faith in our backup. But, like I said, we’ll have to see the tape and see what went wrong. I have some ideas, obviously, with some of the things I’m talking to you guys about, but I really want to dive into the tape and get better from that.

On what the message was to the team.

Hey, we win together. We celebrate together, and we pick each other up together. Everything’s together. Together, together, together. There wasn’t one phase that let one phase down. It was offense, defense, coaching, everything. We’re in this together and the teams that stick together through the ups and downs of the season are the teams that continue to grow together. So, let’s go. We’ll figure it out. Let’s get better from this one and get better from it.

This story was originally published December 24, 2022 8:23 PM.

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