India top court halts demolition drive in violence-hit Delhi area | Courts News

Indian authorities riding bulldozers have razed a number of properties in a New Delhi neighborhood before the Supreme Court halted the demolitions days after religious violence shook the area and saw dozens arrested. On Wednesday morning, bulldozers demolished a string of shops on the roadside in Jahangirpuri while the owners peered out from windows in … Read more

Opinion: Putin has launched the first economic world war, and the EU and the West are his targets

As momentous as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is, the most strategically important event in recent weeks was the global economic war between Russia and the US and its allies. Russia, however, has been preparing to confront the West and challenge the Western socio-economic model for a long time. Russia’s strategic interests in Ukraine are well-known. … Read more

China internet censors scramble as lockdown frustration sparks ‘creative’ wave of dissent | China

China’s strict system of censorship is struggling against the onslaught of complaints from Shanghai, as residents find creative ways to get around bans on words, hashtags and even lyrics from the national anthem. As the weeks-long lockdown in the city of 25 million prompted widespread food shortages, delivery failures and fatal healthcare disruptions, the government … Read more

An abandoned Russian military camp in a forest near Kyiv reveals horrors of the invasion

Hostomel, Ukraine CNN – Dmitry Nekazakov was walking his dog before he went to work when the Russian shelling started on Hostomel, a city on the outskirts of the capital, Kyiv. The sky buzzed with low-flying helicopters from which Russian troops jumped, while rockets rained down. It was 6:40 am on February 24, the first … Read more