All-Star Game MLB fashion: Ranking the top 10 looks from the red carpet

Baseball fashion may not be known for its trendsetting like the NBA, or its growing, tailored-to-aT new wave of fits like the NHL, or its bold, exciting variety like the WNBA, but MLB players have come a long way in recent years. It’s rare we get an opportunity to see them suit up and show out, so it’s only right that we should honor their hard work.

A panel of The Athletic MLB editors (Kaci Borowski, Lauren Comitor and Kamila Hinkson) pooled together their favorite looks from the red carpet ahead of Tuesday night’s All-Star Game. There were plenty to choose from, but here are their top 10 and a few extra shoutouts from the night. (And, as always, give us your picks in the comments below.)

1. Shohei Ohtani (Los Angeles Angels)

Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout. (Courtesy of Los Angeles Angels)

Shohei Ohtani is so good at baseball. He could have sucked at one thing. Instead, he has the nerve to show up looking like this. It’s giving “I am a little dangerous, like ‘I could be Vincenzo Cassano’s right-hand man’ levels of danger” (shout-out to the K-drama fans out there). —Kamila Hinkson

Yeah, if you were hoping Shohei would at least show other players mercy off the field, the answer is no. At first glance and in a certain light, this looked like a classic but straightforward fit from the reigning AL MVP. Once I saw the color palette — the smokey teal suit and safari green knit tie with brown leather accents — it was game over. The absolute definition of California cool. —Kaci Borowski

Ohtani has already graced the pages of GQ, so him rocking the red carpet shouldn’t come as a surprise. Still, he absolutely crushed it, just like the first pitch he saw from Clayton Kershaw a few hours later. —Lauren Comitor

2. Martin Perez (Texas Rangers)

Martín Pérez took a big risk with this and it paid dividends. The pattern, the cut, the accessories — all perfect, and you can tell he feels incredible in this, which makes it that much better. Bad Bunny has probably already forwarded this post to his stylist (as he should). —KB

I generally don’t like floral patterns but I love this look because I can’t take my eyes off it. Despite the optical illusion, it’s obvious the jacket and pants fit him perfectly. I don’t think I love the shoes but it doesn’t matter. —KH

3. Santiago Espinal (Toronto Blue Jays)

(Jerritt Clark/Getty Images)

Santiago Espinal may have been a late addition to the All-Star Game, but he came prepared. He kept the accents minimal but breezy and let the pop of bubblegum pink speak for itself. This is veteran stuff! —KB

4. Dansby Swanson (Atlanta Braves)

I’m not sure this ensemble would look as good on someone else but Dansby makes it look great. I see you, perfect curl hanging out above his right eye and Mal Pugh in that dress. —KH

You have to respect a double-breasted suit, and Dansby does it right here, with a peachy-brown color and suede boots. —LC

T-5. Starling Marte (New York Mets)

This is a classic case of knowing what you’re working with and celebrating accordingly. The color and fit of the suit, the layering of those chains, the sunglasses. This is it. —KB

It was toasty in LA Tuesday, so you can’t fault Starling for skipping a shirt. He aced this look and topped it off with some appropriately flashy accessories. —LC

T-5. Byron Buxton (Minnesota Twins)

Byron Buxton and family. (Courtesy of Minnesota Twins)

Once again, we have a man in a loud-ass color. I am into the aquamarine. Someone send me one of the boys’ jackets in a women’s size (just kidding). — KH

The family coordination here is just *chefs kiss*, from the kids’ jackets to the accents on the white suit. Byron ties it all together with a perfectly tailored suit that features a subtle, interesting texture, and a color that feels very appropriate to the locale. —LC

7. Sandy Alcantara (Miami Marlins)

Sandy Alcantara (L) and family. (Courtesy of the Miami Marlins)

Another look that I think works because of the person, not the clothes. Very simple, classic colors, but he looks great. —KH

The modern take on a traditional suit would be enough, but the deep teal and subtle pattern (see tweet above) takes this up another level. There’s a joke to be made about throwing heat here, but I’m not going to make it. —KB

It’s simple and stylish with great details (the belt!) and we have to give some points for family coordination. —LC

8. Julio Rodríguez (Seattle Mariners)

Julio Rodríguez was the breakout star of the Home Run Derby and he did not disappoint with his follow-up act. This set of silk separates with a paisley print is about as confident as it gets, which feels fitting. —KB

Rodríguez just looks like a guy who announced himself to the league in a big way in Monday night’s Derby, right? The purplish-gray set plus the necklace and the sunglasses just ooze cool. —LC

T-9. Dusty Baker (Houston Astros)

I love his color scheme and the power clashing, and the platinum accessories are a great touch. Dusty is already in postseason form on the fashion front. —KB

Don’t really like the tie but the jacket is great. And I have to give Dusty props for bringing in a tailor to outfit all his fellow coaches. I can’t root for him. —KH

T-9. Tim Anderson (Chicago White Sox)

You can always count on Tim Anderson to do his own thing, and do it extremely well. It was a more dressed-down look than others, but the Louis Vuitton sneakers and the customized bling really did it for me. —LC

Every year, one of the best parts of the ASG red carpet is the offspring, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t show them some love. Surely 20 years from now, we’ll be hearing some of their names in the MLB Draft and wondering once again how we got so old.

Baby Trout

Can Beckham Trout even tie his own tiny Gucci shoes yet? You know what, he probably can, he’s Mike Trout’s kid! —LC

Baby Betts

(Gary A. Vasquez / USA Today)

I have never been on a red carpet but on the off chance I ever walk one, I hope to have the composure of Miss Kynlee Betts. Look at that face. Unfazed! Love the dress and the hair. —KH

Baby Acuña

(Gary A. Vasquez / USA Today)

Just sitting here, thinking about how I’ll never in my life be as cool as this toddler. —LC

Baby Trevino

The metallic floral accents, the sneakers, the proud posture. This is a star. —KB

Babies Anderson

I mean, these are just beautiful people. —KH

Payton and Paxton Anderson, budding style icons!! — LC

Best Accessories: Ty France

As a Quebecer and a person who appreciates commitment to a bit, I feel I have no choice but to comment on the lapel pin. I laughed really hard at that video the Mariners created for the Vote France campaign. Also, bless the Dodger Stadium organist for playing “La vie en rose” while he was up at bat in the game. —KH

Best look on the field: Jazz Chisholm Jr.

I thought these jerseys were kind of boring but of course, that’s before I saw Jazz Chisholm Jr. wearing one. The golden hair, glasses, chain? Now I’m a believer. —KH

I mean, COME ON!! —LC

Best Scene-stealer: William Contreras

The entire Contreras clan looks fabulous, and I do love Willson’s unique fit, but we have to give it up for dad Wuiliam. The bold color is awesome, and the white loafers take it up another notch for me. —LC

(Top photo of Martín Pérez: Daniel Shirey / MLB Photos via Getty Images)


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